Victoria Araj

Victoria is the team leader of the Quicken Loans Zing Blog. From mortgage banking to PR and more, Victoria’s 10+ years at Quicken Loans come in handy when writing cool stories. Before QL, she worked with and for notable national and state politicians. With degrees from MSU and U of M, her allegiance to the Mitten State is indisputable. She loves decorating, photography, the Detroit Red Wings, the Detroit Tigers, cruising in her G6 (the car), and most importantly, hanging out with family and friends.
Victoria Araj

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Cold-Weather Getaways: 10 U.S. Cities To Enjoy This Winter

Cold-Weather Getaways: 10 U.S. Cities to Enjoy This Winter

Maybe you live in a state that sees plenty of snow and you’re over it and can’t wait to visit someplace warm. Maybe you live in a state that is still fairly warm during the winter and crave some ski action on some fresh powder. Either way, we’ve put together a list of 10 cities that might strike your fancy as the perfect getaway this winter season.

Mutual Adoration Transforms Old Materials Into New Furnishings

Mutual Adoration Transforms Old Materials into New Furnishings

As part of our Super Bowl debut, we’re offering a chance to win American-made products inspired by our commercial, as well as the grand prize of $100,000! Mutual Adoration’s furnishings are part of our array of American-made prizes in our “Push Button, Get Stuff” sweepstakes, and we think you’ll love owning a piece of the D in your home.

Finances In Your 50s: Expert Advice On What You Need To Do Now

Finances in Your 50s: Expert Advice on What You Need to Do Now

When you’re in your 50s, it’s important to assess your financial health as you are not only in your peak earning years, you’re also about 10-20 years away from retirement, making it all the more important. The Zing blog has assembled financial experts from across the country to weigh in on the key points you should focus on in this decade of life to ensure a comfortable retirement.

8 Storage Solutions To Keep Holiday Decorations Protected

8 Storage Solutions to Keep Holiday Decorations Protected

From trees to special stemware, it’s important to store holiday decor properly, protecting it from scratches, water damage, dust and extreme temperatures. I’ve put together a list of the most needed storage solutions that can not only protect common Christmas decorations but also save space and look pretty good doing it.

HGTV® Dream Home 2016: Jack Thomasson’s Last HGTV Home Project

HGTV® Dream Home 2016: Jack Thomasson’s Last HGTV Home Project

Quicken Loans is excited to be a sponsor of the HGTV® Dream Home 2016, where one lucky winner will call Merritt Island, Florida, home, relax on their very own boat, hit the open road in a GMC Acadia Denali and enjoy a $250,000 cash prize. We chatted with house planner Jack Thomasson about the location, design and environmental elements considered for this year’s home, which is a remodel instead of a new construction.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide For The Beauty Lover

2015 Holiday Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover

We all know a friend or family member who loves trying beauty products, samples the latest fragrance or obsesses over makeup tutorials on YouTube. When it comes to making their eyes sparkle with delight this holiday season, here are some tried and true products they’ll love to see under the tree.